Oregon Forest Resources Institute




"Dedicated to elevating the public's understanding of how forest stewardship meets social, environmental and economic needs of both present and future generations."

Oregon Small Woodland Association (OSWA) and Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) share many of the same goals and visions.

OSWA and OFRI collaborate on a variety of activities, events, programs and other actions that benefit OSWA members and other small woodland owners across the state. OFRI’s board has two members representing family forest owners. These are engaged family forest owners and have traditionally been represented by OSWA members.

OFRI also has an ex-officio position on the OSWA Board of Directors. OSWA and OFRI work collaboratively on educational opportunities for family forest owners.

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Oregon Small Woodlands Association
187 High Street NE, Suite 208
Salem, OR 97301

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 (503) 588-1813
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