Water Quality Issues

Read, download and share vital information related to current water quality issues. Documents below detail the issues, conversation and where things stand today.

Testimony & Letters to the Board of Forestry

Testimony and Letters to the Environmental Quality Commission (EQC)

Emails to Board of Forestry

OFIC & OSWA Comments to EPA & NOAA Fisheries on CZARA Recommendation

Oregon Forest Industries Council & Oregon Small Woodland Assocation comments to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries on Coastal Zone Act Reauthorization Amendments Recomendation.

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These documents were cited in recent testimonies given to the Oregon Board of Forestry and the Environmental Quality Commission by Jim James (Executive Director OSWA) and Scott Hansen (President OSWA).

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Water Quality Issues in Oregon


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Supporting Research & Recommended Reading

The Oregon Board of Forestry is in a Rulemaking Process to evaluate riparian protections on small and medium fish bearing streams.

OSWA is actively engaged in this process emphasizing the use of science and common sense to determine what regulations are needed to protect the beneficial uses of forest streams.

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